When and why should tulips be dug up. Tips that will help you always have beautiful flowers

Tulips should be dug up every year, because they tend to reproduce very quickly.

In order not to dig flower beds, gardeners adapted to plastic boxes with holes. Bury the containers in the ground and plant tulip bulbs there. In this way, they are not able to deepen and you can carry out planting once every 3-5 years.

The term of digging tulips

Approximate terms for digging bulbs are the day of the last bell in schools. A more accurate definition is the state of the flower when the leaves begin to turn yellow. After the second or third leaf, the bulb is dug up.

The term of planting tulips

Before planting tulips, sort them by size and soak the bulbs in a special solution. Then, for a month, store the tulips in cardboard boxes at a temperature of +20..+25 degrees. After that, the temperature can be lowered to +18..+20 degrees.An important point is to store tulips in a dark place.

Reasons for digging up tulips

  • To ensure comfortable conditions for young bulbs.
  • To identify diseased and weak bulbs.
  • To prevent the accumulation of various diseases.
  • To avoid crushing all bulbs.
  • To avoid the formation of many children, which will grow deeper into the soil every year.
  • To maintain the soil in good condition.