What water does the seedling like

The season of spring field work in the open field has not yet arrived, but experienced gardeners and housewives are already busy with work, because the season for growing seedlings started back in February. This stage requires diligence, otherwise you will not see the harvest. Yes, it is very important to water plants correctly.

For seedlings, it is better to select certain water or, at least, process it. There are a number of important nuances, the observance of which will ensure the best result. What water should be used to water the seedlings.

Yes, soft water, which does not contain salt and impurities, is most suitable for watering seedlings. Plants will be able to fully absorb such “living water”. Ideally, it is recommended to water the seedlings with water taken from a clean river or lake, as well as rain or melted snow.

Of course, finding such water is not very easy. Therefore, there is a way out: to “improve” tap water by removing chlorine from it. For this, the liquid must settle for 2 days in an open container. And to get rid of salt impurities, you need to pass hard water through a filter.

If this option also does not suit you, there is an alternative, albeit more expensive: you can water the seedlings with clean bottled water.