How to choose the right place for tulips, and where under no circumstances should they be planted

You should choose the right place, and not just bury the bulbs in the soil.

We suggest you find out where it is not recommended to plant tulips

Tulips should not be planted where they grew last year and after nightshades.

Do not plant tulips in a lowland or in places with an uneven surface. This can contribute to the rotting of the bulbs.

Tulips will not grow in acidic soil. It is better to choose neutral or weakly alkaline. If the soil is highly acidic, you can use ash for deacidification. It is not recommended to add lime on the day of planting. It is better to do it in the spring.

Clay soil is also not suitable for tulips. This can contribute to the rotting of the bulbs. To make the soil loose, use sand, humus or peat. The bottom of each pit is covered with one of these means.

Tulips should be planted in a bright place, because they do not like the dark.

The beds should be in the eastern or western part of the site.

Tulips should be well protected from the wind, otherwise they will bloom later than they should.

Places for the flower bed must be chosen carefully and correctly, otherwise the flowers will get sick and rot.