The secrets of growing chrysanthemums in pots so that they are beautiful and bloom for a long time

Potted chrysanthemums fascinate with their beauty. They are grown in gardens, on terraces, facades, front gardens, balconies and in apartments.

In order for potted chrysanthemums to bloom long and profusely, you need to take good care of them and create specific conditions for them.


When buying potted chrysanthemums, take specimens with half-open inflorescences, because they will bloom much longer. The bush should be powerful, with lignified shoots from below.


Development in chrysanthemum is cyclical. In winter, they are in complete rest, which begins immediately after flowering. Cut off the entire aerial part, leave short stumps and immediately transfer to a very cold room with a temperature of +2 degrees.

During the dormant period, do not water or feed them until the first signs of awakening appear. After the appearance of tender sprouts of growth, immediately transfer to a fairly cool place with bright lighting and transplant it into a new substrate.

Lighting mode

They need a short light day with the most sunny and bright locations, where they will not suffer from the shadow of neighboring flower pots.

Temperature mode

All types of chrysanthemums like cool growing conditions. Therefore, during flowering, it is better for them to be in the fresh air with an optimal temperature regime of +10..+20 degrees.


They need regular and frequent watering. So that there is no excess moisture, immediately drain the excess water from the tray and let the top layer of the earth dry.

Air humidity

For better and denser flowering of chrysanthemums, periodically spray them lightly, especially in winter during the operation of the central heating system.


For lush flowering of potted chrysanthemums, regularly feed them with nutrients every 1-2 weeks. At the end of flowering, shorten them, and before wintering, stop them altogether. After transplanting, resume feeding after 2 weeks.