How to revive roses with vodka: the bushes will come to life before your eyes

Experienced florists have long been using vodka to stimulate growth and protect their roses so that they look just like in the picture.

Experienced florists have long been using vodka to stimulate growth, treat and protect plants. Although this method is a bit expensive, it is environmentally friendly. If you decide to reanimate roses with vodka after winter, this will stimulate their regeneration, photosynthesis and significantly speed up the onset of flowering.

In addition, this method will protect the roses from aphids, so the leaves of the bushes will look healthy, as in the picture. The fact is that the smell of vodka will make your roses unattractive to ants and other pests. Vodka will also disinfect the soil around the bushes and rid it of fungus, root rot, mold and weeds.

How to feed roses with vodka – instructions

The fact is that these flowers have a regenerating property, so resuscitation of roses with vodka will be a very good idea. For this you need:

  1. cut all blackened stems to healthy tissue;
  2. treat fresh slices with garden broth;
  3. pour the bushes with a vodka mixture.

Vodka solution is prepared as follows: take 2 glasses of vodka for 10 liters of water and, after mixing, pour 3-4 liters under each bush. This procedure is carried out once every two weeks.

The effect will be visible after a few days, when buds will appear in place of the blackened stems and begin to grow actively.

And to process rose leaves, you need the following ratio: 20 g of soap crumb and 100 g of vodka per 1 liter of cold water. Gardeners recommend spraying the leaves in the morning or in the evening.