That it should be done so that Schlumberger blooms profusely and non-stop

Schlumberger usually blooms on our windowsills in November-December, giving us the beauty of its delicate flowers.

What to do so that the flower begins to bloom abundantly and repeatedly.

After following certain, simple rules, the plant will restore its ability.

A period of rest

Before flowering, the Schlumberger is in a period of rest for 1-1.5 months, this is approximately from mid-September to mid-November. It is important to keep it in cool conditions, at a temperature of +8°C at night and +10°C during the day. It is better to take the plant outside or to the loggia.

During this period, watering is reduced and the plant is not fertilized. A well-lit place is chosen for the Schlumberger.

After rest

The coolness will allow the Schlumberger to lay many buds. After the first branch with buds appears on the plant, do not immediately bring it into the room, let it form a few more branches, and only then move it into the room. The Schlumberger is placed on a rather cold window – it can be either western or eastern, which is constantly ventilated. The air temperature during the flowering period of the flower should be +18..+20°С. You can’t rearrange, shift or rotate the pot with the flower, because it must be in one place, otherwise it will drop the flowers.

Feeding during flowering

During the budding period, it is important to feed the plant with fertilizer containing phosphorus and potassium. Also, it is necessary to regularly, but moderately, water it and spray the surrounding space. Eventually, the first stormy wave of Schlumberger flowering will begin, after which it must be given a rest for 2-3 weeks. In which watering is reduced again and the plant is no longer fed. After the specified period, new branches with buds should appear again. This is already the second wave of Schlumberger flowering. Care for him is the same as in the first wave. The Decembrist has about 5 such waves, and this is almost until the beginning of spring, but all subsequent waves will reduce their magnificence. The same conditions for keeping and caring for the flower should be followed every time.

After flowering

After the last wave of Decembrist flowering, it is taken out to the loggia or balcony or simply under cover to the street, depending on the ambient temperature, which should be approximately +18..+20°С. Specialists advise to cut all the branches on the plant to 1 leaf.

Then the next stage will begin – the active phase of plant growth. At this time, you need to feed the Decembrist well and carry out abundant watering.