Why the orchid does not bloom: an unexpected life hack for lush flowering

After you bring the orchid from the store, it blooms for several months. Then comes a period of rest, and then a new peduncle appears again. This is ideal. But it often happens that an exotic plant flatly refuses to bloom or, even worse, begins to wither. What to do in this case and how to make an orchid bloom? Experienced flower growers advise using one life hack that works even in advanced cases.

How to water an orchid so that it blooms

Try to “water” the orchid with ice instead of water – you need to put it in a pot with a flower from time to time. In this way, you kill two birds with one stone: firstly, you water the plant, and secondly, you create a little stress for it, and this forces the orchid to activate flowering. Some flower growers went even further: instead of ordinary water, they freeze liquid fertilizer and “water” the flower with such ice.

In the future, when watering an orchid, you need to focus on the appearance of the substrate and roots. When the substrate is completely dry, and the surface of the roots becomes gray-silver, it means that it is time to water.