A budget tool that will improve the condition of indoor plants. Note to hostesses

Aspirin can be purchased at any pharmacy and its price is very affordable. Not everyone knows that it can be used as top dressing for indoor plants to revive, stimulate growth and bud formation.

Treatment of indoor flowers

Before using aspirin feeding, you need to detect some signs:

  • the flower grows and develops slowly;
  • has long and thin shoots;
  • leaves fall.

This means that the flowers do not have enough nutrition, so it is necessary to start treating them as soon as possible.

Such top dressing is applied only once and only to those plants that tolerate acidic soil well.To prepare a solution, add 1/4 of an aspirin tablet to 2 liters of water. Plants should be sprayed with the product using a sprayer. The result will not make you wait, it will be immediately noticeable that the leaves have become greener, and the flowering is lush.

Processing of flowers in vases

Cut plants will keep their good appearance longer if aspirin is added to the water in which they stand. Dissolve 1/2 tablet in water and put flowers in it.

Help in the fight against fungus

It is not a rare case that indoor plants get sick with a fungus that appears with improper care or external conditions that do not suit them.

If the damage is severe, then the treatment does not make sense, because the flower cannot be saved. Adjust the watering mode and do not allow excess liquid to remain on the roots.

The next watering should be done when the top layer of the soil becomes a little dry. Use room temperature water.

The product should be used once a week by dissolving 0.5 tablets in 1.5 liters of water. You should simply water the plants with the solution.