Lemon juice: to keep the orchid’s roots green and fat and producing lots of new buds

In order for the roots of the orchid to be green and fat, the leaves dense, and the flower stalks produce new buds, then give the plant a stimulating watering once a month.

To prepare the solution, you need 1 teaspoon of lemon juice. and water 1 l. Use settled, boiled, rain or melted liquid. The prepared solution nourishes the flower and its roots.

Water the orchid with fertilizer with lemon juice and then the roots will be dense, juicy, the leaves will be green and new flower stalks with buds will appear.

Watering should be carried out as usual. Leave the orchid in the second pot, then drain the excess water after 15 minutes. Such a solution is suitable for plants that need resuscitation or for those that have recently released flower stalks and unopened buds. If the orchid already has all the buds, then it does not need such watering.

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