To have good seedlings, add one spoonful of starch to the soil. Tips from experienced gardeners

Not everyone knows that ordinary potato starch will help seedlings to be beautiful and strong. It is a strong source of energy for plants. This is an ideal top dressing that can be done at home. Starch is retained in plants, and then turns into glucose, which provides energy to seedlings.

Also, starch contains elements K and R. In seedlings growing in small cups, add 1 teaspoon of the agent to each, and then close it with a toothpick in the ground. During watering, useful elements will sink into the depth, and the plant will absorb them itself. Pour a thin layer of starch into the seedling growing in one container and close it.

Not everyone knows about this method of feeding. Try it at least once and you will definitely like it. Starch will give the plants vigor, a bright green color, and the roots will develop better.

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