If the seedling has started to stretch out, water it with this solution to make it strong

It often happens that even with all the rules for caring for seedlings, it can begin to stretch out. The reason for this may be an excess of nitrogen in the soil or a lack of light. Such seedlings may die and you will not get a harvest.

What should be done in this case?

  • Shake the stems with soil up to the first leaf.
  • Stop applying nitrogen fertilizers.
  • Increase the temperature to evaporate the moisture.
  • Start watering the seedlings according to the same schedule, adding potassium fertilization (dissolve 25 grams of potassium in 5 liters of water).

Already in 1.5 weeks, the seedlings will regain their strength and become strong. If you did not notice the result, feed the seedlings with growth stimulants (1 gram of succinic acid dissolves in 2000 ml of water). Before use, seedlings should be watered with ordinary water. Acid stimulates the growth of green mass.

We wish you success!

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