How to grow healthy and strong seedlings using eggshells

In order for the seedling to be healthy, it needs to be fed. However, not everyone wants to use fertilizers with a chemical composition. Therefore, they are prepared from natural ingredients at home.

Ground eggshells

The most common natural feeding is ground eggshell. It is used to fertilize the ground at the time of planting seeds. 1 tsp will be needed for 1 glass. such a powder.

You need to grind the eggshell very finely so that it is absorbed faster. It is better to do it with a coffee grinder.

When planting seedlings in a permanent place, you should add a little soil from a cup, then useful elements from the powder will continue to reach the plants.


Best of all, such feeding affects tomatoes. They really like calcium, which is contained in the shell in large quantities. In this case, the tomato harvest will be very good.

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