A way to save rose bushes when they overwintered badly

Many gardeners know such a problem, when after cleaning the shelter from rose bushes, it turns out that they have turned black.

You can immediately start uprooting them, but I advise you to take your time, because you can try to resuscitate them.

A way to save your rose bushes

First, establish the reason why the plant turned black. It can be a bad shelter, severe frosts, or the plants were not properly prepared for the winter.

Try to save your rose bushes. To do this, cut all the blackened and broken branches and shoots of the plant to healthy wood. After pruning, disinfect all sections. After that, treat the plant with a growth stimulant so that it will later grow young branches. Cut the plant so that there are no ragged edges and at a slight angle.

Growth stimulants are “chemical” and folk

“Chemical” is a solution of magnesium sulfate, which can quickly awaken the dormant buds of the plant. To do this, dissolve 2 tablespoons of the agent in 10 liters of water and treat the rose bushes with it. Then hide the plants under a cap made from a cut plastic bottle. From time to time water them with a solution of magnesium sulfate.

You can also save your favorite flowers with the “folk” method of stimulation. It consists in processing the cut blackened shoots with ordinary alcohol. To do this, dissolve 100 ml of vodka in 10 liters of drinking water. After about 14 days, repeat this procedure. And after a few days, all the blackened rose branches will open buds again and actively grow.

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