How to feed a cherry tree in the spring for a good harvest

In the spring, fruit trees are usually fertilized, without which one should not hope for a good harvest of fruits and berries.

During this period, the cherry garden needs nitrogen fertilizers, but experts suggest trying to feed it with karbophos.

Rules for feeding cherry trees

Fill a matchbox with karbofos, pour into a 10 liter bucket of water and mix well. Pour the resulting solution into a watering can and pour it into the furrow near the trunk of the tree. It is placed along the perimeter of the tree crown or 60 cm from the main trunk. The rate of consumption of the solution ranges from 20 to 30 liters per tree. However, on the eve of feeding, thoroughly pour the plants with plain water from a hose.

Cherry trees respond very well to fertilizing with potassium-phosphorus fertilizer.

At the beginning of flowering, feed them with a solution of wood ash. To do this, dissolve a glass of ash in 10 liters of water, let it infuse for 2 days. And at the end of July, water the trees well and abundantly, because in this period flower buds begin to form, which is a guarantee of a rich harvest in the following year.