4 main rules of strawberry care

We suggest that you familiarize yourself with the four rules of strawberry care.

1. Collection of mulch that has not rotted over the winter

Every gardener mulches strawberries with organic matter, so in the spring you can notice that there is mulch that has not had time to rot. It must be removed. This is done because the soil covered with mulch warms up worse. And strawberry bushes need warm soil to grow.

2. Trimming the sides of the garden bed

After cleaning the mulch, you need to trim the edges of the beds so that they look neat.

3. Fertilization with mineral or organic fertilizers

In order for fresh green leaves to appear on the bushes, they need to be fed. For this, you can use mineral fertilizers. For example, a solution of 1 tbsp. l. ammonium sulfate, 2 cups of mullein per 10 liters of water. To prepare organic fertilizers, you will need an infusion of mullein, 1 part of manure to 10 parts of water, bird droppings, 1 part to 10 parts of water, or nettle infusion. A bucket of young nettles should be filled with warm water and kept for 3-4 days. Top dressing should be applied under the bush without getting on the leaves.

4. Primary treatment of strawberry bushes from diseases with chemicals or biological preparations, mulching.

Treatment of strawberries against pests and mulching are carried out before flowering. Various chemicals can be used. For those who like biological preparations, you can also use them. However, biological agents will have an effective effect only at a temperature of 18 degrees Celsius and above. Also, you can use ordinary water against pests. To do this, it is heated to 60-65 degrees and watered with it from above, using a watering can.