Never do this while feeding the plants to avoid losing the harvest

During growth, plants need nutrients to produce a good crop. Due to their lack, the soil is depleted and does not meet the needs of crops. Therefore, it is necessary to add organic and mineral fertilizers to maintain the fertility of the soil and collect a generous harvest.

Failure to comply with the application regulations and spending norms

Fertilizers contain different components that are suitable for different crops. If you reduce the rates of adding fertilizers, it will not increase the yield and decorativeness of plants, and the excess will lead to phytotoxicity and the negative effect of top dressings on plants. As a result, they will not bloom well and form ovaries, as well as suffer from harmful insects. Follow the norms indicated on the package.

Incorrect timing of adding plant fertilizers

Fertilizers should not be applied before the snow has fully melted, as this will result in nutrient loss and make the fertilizer ineffective. Adding fertilizers too late will reduce the level of frost resistance and productivity. However, you can add fertilizers marked AUTUMN. They contain a small amount of nitrogen, and they will not stimulate plant growth before wintering.

Uneven distribution of fertilizers on the soil surface

There should not be too little or too much. Skipped areas will not have enough nutrients, and over-fertilized can harm plants. Use special manual spreaders and planters. It is easier to use liquid fertilizers, you need to conditionally divide the plot into square meters and process each square meter. required amount of solution.

Absence of organic or mineral means of feeding

To increase the level of soil fertility, a large number of different nutrients are needed. Mineral fertilizers contain macro- and microelements, and organic fertilizers contain humic acids. There are special organo-mineral fertilizers that contain all types of nutrients.

Feeding weak and sick plants

If the cause of plant weakness has not been established, it is better to refrain from applying top dressings. This can occur from a pest attack or a lack of nutrients.

Adding fertilizers to dry soil

There will be no effect from this method of feeding, and you can also cause damage to the root system. Fertilizers should only be added to wet soil when it has rained or two days after the last watering.

Fear of using monofertilizers

Many use only universal fertilizers, but sometimes you need to look at special top dressings. For example, if the needles have turned brown, add fertilizers that contain a lot of magnesium. Lowland needs a lot of sulfur, and blue hydrangeas need aluminum.

Ignoring the latest agrochemical technologies

Modern fertilizers contain not only macro- and microelements, but also growth stimulants, fulvic acids, immunomodulators, vitamins, amino acids, betaines, algae extracts and other superfoods for healthy plant nutrition.