What should be done to have a good harvest of dill

To grow a lot of green dill on the plot, follow this simple technique for growing it.

The main condition is the selection of high-quality seeds and compliance with agricultural cultivation techniques.

When choosing dill seeds, give preference to those varieties that give lush and tasty greens that do not drive away umbrellas for a long time.

What needs to be done to have a good harvest of dill

Buy dill varieties of medium maturity, they can produce voluminous and lush bushes.

Early ripening varieties of the hybrid form can bloom very quickly. Therefore, in order to get a good harvest of greens, sow seeds in a long growing season. The amount of formation of green dill depends on this.

To sow dill seeds, first prepare planting holes, put organic fertilizer at the bottom of them, cover with a small amount of soil, pour everything well with water, pour a little seed into each and cover with soil.