5 main mistakes gardeners make when fertilizing plants

When growing any plants in the garden, you want to get not only a large, but also a safe harvest. To achieve the goal, most gardeners use folk methods of fertilizing, which give excellent results. However, sometimes mistakes can be made, due to which the future harvest suffers. Some folk methods reduce the effectiveness of the product, and others can seriously harm plants.

The first mistake. Improper application of manure and bird droppings

This fertilizer is used everywhere, considering it a folk and safe remedy. However, this is a misconception.Unrotted manure can seriously harm crops. It will burn the roots due to overheating during decomposition. Only cucumbers can withstand it. Also, it contains a large amount of nutrients, an excess of which leads to inhibition of plant growth.

The second mistake. Excess boron

Fertilizing plants with boron stimulates fruiting. Tomatoes and apple trees are especially sensitive to boron. During use, it is necessary to adhere to clear dosage norms – 0.5 tsp. boric acid per 10 l. water Tomatoes are sprayed twice a season — at the beginning of flowering and 21 days after. Boron has the ability to accumulate in fruits and is harmful to human health in large quantities.

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The third mistake. An excess of ammonia

This is one of the most popular methods of feeding, which increases the activity of plant growth. However, excessive use of ammonia leads to an excess of nitrogen, due to which the fruits are nitrated.


The fourth mistake. Application of hot mulch

This is a thick layer of fresh grass that heats up during rotting. It is not a fertilizer, but a large amount of nitrogen is also released, because the fruits are nitrated

The fifth mistake. Excess bone meal

This ingredient contains a lot of phosphorus. Gardeners add top dressing to plants without regret. However, an excessive amount of phosphorus makes plants weak, the development of roots becomes slower, and therefore the harvest will not be large.

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