Plants that should be in every home. They have a good effect on every inhabitant

Growing various plants at home, housewives do not even think that many of them are very useful for residents, because they can secrete certain biologically active substances, thus improving health and helping the human body to cope with their diseases.


It is also called “Mother-in-law’s tongue”. It releases useful biologically active substances into the air of the room and cleans it well of toxic substances.


Rosemary is usually used as a spice, but it fits very well on the windowsill in the form of green vegetation. It constantly emits essential oil, killing various bacteria, viruses and fungi in the air. A rosemary bush is a must-have for those who suffer from allergies and bronchial asthma.


It is also useful for people, especially those who often get colds. By releasing certain substances into the air of the room, asparagus kills viruses and bacteria that are in it.


The lemon tree emits phytoncides and essential oil into the indoor air, destroying colonies of dangerous bacteria.


People whose children often get colds should have such a plant. With the help of this plant, the air becomes cleaner. It is able to destroy such bacteria as sarcin, staphylococcus and streptococcus.

Indoor myrtle

This plant has a radius of action of about 50 m. It emits an essential oil that kills pathogens of many diseases.To have a sound sleep and calm your nerves, plant mint and lavender in the house.

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