Growing stone fruits: citrus fruits, mangoes, figs

Growing an exotic fruit from a stone is easier than it seems. Citrus fruits are probably one of the most affordable plants to grow from seeds, and thanks to the variety of species, there is room to turn around.

For successful germination, the main thing is to choose a ripe fruit and plant a bone or seed without delay.

How to grow citrus from a stone

First of all, it is necessary to choose a ripe fruit – the strongest trees grow from their seeds and they get sick less often:

  1. choose large bones;
  2. carefully clean the pulp to avoid rotting;
  3. plant in prepared soil for citrus or a mixture of garden soil and sand, but with a mandatory layer of drainage;
  4. prepare the soil, moisten it and plant the seeds to a depth of 1-1.5 cm;
  5. cover the pot with a bag and put it in a warm place.

If you plant one stone, then you need to take a big pot right away, because citrus fruits do not like an extra transplant.

When planting several seeds, place each of them in a small container, for example, in a plastic cup, from which, when the second leaf appears, the sprout must be transplanted by transshipment into a permanent pot.


The term of germination depends on the type of plant:

  • tangerines sprout the fastest (they can sprout already on the 5th day!);
  • lemons will have to wait 2-4 weeks;
  • some citrus fruits in general up to 2 months.

All this time it is not necessary to water the bone, just spray a little from the sprayer.

  • Tangerines lend themselves well to shaping. The first pinching at the level of 5 pairs of leaves can be done after six months.
  • Lemons and oranges, on the other hand, after being pinched, can get sick and not grow a new branch for a long time.

Citrus fruits begin to bear fruit no earlier than after 3-5 years (in the case of grafting). But you can wait for fruits for up to 7, 10, 15 years.

How to grow a mango from a stone

It is very important to choose a ripe fruit for growing mangoes from pits.

  • Remove stone and use a knife to remove the pulp as much as possible;
  • If the stone already has a crack, open it and remove the seed inside;
  • If the stone is without cracks, then you should not try to open it, otherwise there is a possibility of damaging the seeds;
  • Place it in a glass of clean water for 2 weeks, not forgetting to change the water every 2 days;
  • Plant the extracted kernel in moistened soil for succulents (don’t forget about drainage!) with the root down, covering ¾ with soil;
  • If there is no root yet, then put the kernel horizontally, but do not cover it completely with earth.
  • Cover the pot with a transparent bag or a cut plastic bottle, occasionally open for ventilation.
  • Put the pot in a warm and maximally lit place.

Watering should be regular, without drying out the earthen clod. Mangoes can take up to 30-45 days to germinate, so be patient. After that, the mango grows quite quickly, but in waves, that is. periods of growth alternate with periods of “lull”.

An adult plant needs mandatory spraying and an annual transplant into a larger pot.


How to grow figs from a stone?

Do you want a powerful sprawling plant? Then figs are for you.

Fruiting will have to wait for a very long time, but it will soon please you with its decorativeness.

  • Remove the fig stone from the fruit;
  • Wash thoroughly from the pulp and dry;
  • After that, spread them on the soil (a mixture of peat and sand 1:1) and lightly sprinkle with sand, moisten and cover with a film;

The first sprouts should appear in 2-4 weeks, and after another month they should be planted in separate containers.


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