Why cinnamon is added to a flower pot: a secret life hack

Cinnamon will do many things for your plants.

Indoor plants please the eye, but they can also get sick. A simple spice that is in the kitchen of every housewife will help save house plants and not only that.

Every flower lover wants her flowerpots to be the most lush, beautiful and healthy. An inexpensive spice that every housewife uses for baking will help grow perfect flowers on the windowsill – and this is cinnamon. Seasoning, it turns out, is very useful for indoor flowers.

Why is cinnamon added to a flower pot – a secret life hack

Even if you’ve been growing pots for years, you definitely didn’t know this. In order to grow a beautiful flower without excessive fuss and worries, it is enough to add half a teaspoon of cinnamon to the flowerpot. The spice will prevent the development of infections and fungi that slowly kill the plant and prevent it from developing.

Also, cinnamon will help “resuscitate” a flower if it did not survive the winter well. To do this, it is necessary to carefully make small indentations in the ground and pour a tablespoon of cinnamon solution into each. It is important not to damage the roots when making dimples.

What is the benefit of cinnamon for flowers – unknown facts

This spice, beloved by confectioners, has a number of useful properties, namely, it stimulates growth and protects against parasites. It is believed that cinnamon has an antiseptic effect, which allows you to protect the plant from fungal diseases.

It is recommended to apply the spice to the trunk when transplanting into new soil. Seasoning helps fight soil fungal diseases. By the way, thanks to this property, cinnamon can also be used for seedlings.

How to feed indoor flowers with cinnamon – the perfect tincture recipe

This simple solution will help you grow a strong and healthy plant. You will need half a teaspoon of cinnamon and two liters of warm water. We mix the ingredients in a jar and leave it in the sun for a day, after which we water the pots, but not more often than twice a month.

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