How to use citrus peel for growing seedlings: a note for gardeners

Instead of pots, you can use citrus peel.

When growing seedlings of any crops, one of the gardener’s tasks is to obtain strong seedlings and later safely transplant them into open ground or a greenhouse. You can solve both of these tasks, including by choosing the right container for growing seedlings. In the store now you can buy many different pots and trays for this purpose. But why not replace part of them with natural materials. For example, instead of pots, you can use the peel of any citrus fruit.

Seedlings in citrus peel: how to grow?

All of us eat citrus fruits. But, unfortunately, some of us simply throw away the peel from these fruits. Meanwhile, the peel of a lemon, orange, tangerine, etc. can be very useful. For example, as in our case when sowing seeds for seedlings.

How and what should be done?

Cut an orange (lemon, tangerine, pomelo, etc.) in half, carefully remove the pulp from the half with a spoon, and fill the empty skin with soil and plant seeds of any crops in it.

How good is this method of growing seedlings at home?

First, this method is low-budget. After all, you and I still buy fruit from time to time. Therefore, do not throw away the peel, but put such cups before planting seedlings.

Secondly, citrus peel contains many useful substances that will gradually be consumed by plants. That will only have a positive effect on their development and growth.

Thirdly, it is not necessary to remove seedlings from such citrus pots when transplanting them into open ground. And this means that in the process of transplantation, you will not damage the delicate root system of young seedlings. Plant seedlings directly in pots!

And fourthly, citrus pots with seedlings look very cute on the windowsill. So why throw them away?

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