Russians hit multi-storey residential building in Ukraine: 5 dead, 64 wounded

On Saturday, Russians hit a multi-storey house in Dnipro city; 5 people were killed and 64 were wounded.

Quote from spokesman of Office of the President of Ukraine Kyrylo Tymoshenko: “Savages, at least one building section was destroyed, people who stayed at home for the holiday are trapped under the rubble.”

Details: Later, Tymoshenko reported that as of 16:20, 15 people have been rescued from the destroyed section of the nine-storey residential building in the city of Dnipro.

Later, Head of Dnipropetrovsk Oblast Military Administration Valentyn Reznichenko reported that 5 people died and 39 were injured in the missile attack. Among the injured are seven children, the youngest of them is three years old. A nine-year-old girl is in critical condition.

original photo2023 01 1416 35 56
a photo of a destroyed house in Dnipro city on January 14

As of 19:40, Reznichenko reported that the number of wounded had increased to almost 60 people, including 12 children. The search and rescue operation is ongoing.

The National Police reported that as of 20:00, 5 people were killed and 64 injured as a result of the missile hit on the apartment building in Dnipro. Thirty five people were rescued from the rubble, including six children.

In turn, Dnipro Mayor Borys Filatov said that an entire district of the city and its utility services have been cut off the grid because of the strike.