How to make an orchid bloom again with the help of ordinary rice


So that your orchids grow well, form new roots and flowers, use a simple method of feeding, which contains many necessary components for these flowers.

Prepare 1 cup of white rice. This fertilizer is enough for several months for 5-6 plants. To prepare less fertilizer, take less rice.Rice should be slightly dried in a pan, about 3 minutes, no need to fry. Beat it with a blender and pour boiling water over the rice flour in the proportion of 1 tsp. rice for 1 cup of hot water. Then cool the solution completely.

Another option

There is another option for preparing such fertilizer. Pour one spoonful of rice with ice water, mix and leave for half an hour.

The orchid should be watered over the soil, about 5-8 teaspoons of rice fertilizer.

You can use this fertilizer once a month, because orchids also need to be watered with ordinary water.

With the help of such feeding, the plant will have new healthy roots and flowers.