Head cut off with a knife: Russian soldiers brutally murder Ukrainian prisoner of war (video)


Russian occupiers have brutally murdered a captured Ukrainian serviceman and recorded it on video, and the President’s Office has reacted to the shocking footage posted on the Internet.

Source: Russian pro-war channels on social media

A video of the brutal murder of a Ukrainian prisoner of war was shared on social media on the evening of 11 April. The footage shows a Russian soldier cutting off the head of a Ukrainian defender, who was still alive at the time, with a knife, writes “Wisdom of life“.

The prisoner was in shock and shouted that he was in pain. The occupiers comment on the execution with the words “Get working, brothers”, “Break his spine, f**k, have you never cut off a head?”

The Russians show the severed head to the camera and say that it should be sent to the tortured soldier’s commander.

The face of the occupier who conducted the execution is covered by a mask in the video. The recording shows a Russian soldier showing off the body armour of the executed Ukrainian prisoner to the camera at the scene of the shocking murder.

Green leaves can also be seen in the video, which could probably indicate that the recording was made last year.

Andrii Yermak, Head of the President’s Office, reacted to the posting of the shocking footage.

“There will be a response to and accountability for everything,” Yermak said on Telegram.

The video is here – https://t.me/aronets_live/5797.

The video is very sensitive (+18), we ask people with a weak psyche not to watch it.

Please spread this information among Europeans and Americans. The world must see Russian brutality. Maximum repost.